Within by Threedumb Theatre.

Threedumb Theatre’s latest production Within by Joseph Furey watches a disillusioned and disappointed 23-year-old Joe performed by Stephen Smith in his search to find the age-old answers to “the meaning of life” as he attempts to be “happy.”

Joe decides to download what he believes to be a presumably free app which promises to answer this age-old question. Introduced to S.U.E the relationship develops at an alarming pace and you watch as Joe becomes consumed by “it”. Can it really be this easy to find the answer?

Within is filmed inside a small self-contained holiday let style flat which heightens Joe’s sense of isolation and entrapment in a world where he has found himself stuck in a monotonous rut.

Filming and special effects during lockdown are challenging for many productions. Yet Threedumb Theatre proves that this can be achieved using smaller scaled filming techniques. Their use of green neon lighting changes the atmosphere incredibly well adding a very sinister tone as the direction of the narrative changes.

While the world becomes more dependent on technology and online apps Within offers a macabre view on how easily people can be brainwashed when they are in the search of answers that sometimes are best left unanswered, as often things are never as they first appear.

During the lockdown, Threedumb Theatre has filmed a couple of live performances through their Facebook page and posted them onto their YouTube channel this production is now available on the scenesaver platform.

Four Stars.




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