Noodles for Breakfast by Yvonne Maxwell.

When Kate(Robyn Lovell) starts her new job working in a charity call centre for breast cancer care. Her newfound workmate and desk share partner Garry’s (Matthew Bromwich) relationship quickly develops into more than work colleagues.

Kate introduces Garry to his first alcoholic drink, she teaches him how to socialise and goes on to persuade him to go clubbing. Where she attempts to teach him to dance at the same time. However, it’s hard to believe that at 24-years old Garry has never stepped inside a pub before. Can he truly be as innocent and naive as he wants her to believe?

Lovell’s performance as the flirty dancer in the club was brilliant. The audience’s response certainly reflected this by the ‘whoops’ that she received and the mid-performance applause. Her excellent performance continued as she became drunk during her nights out with Garry, her drunken body language was thoroughly convincing. She is a very talented up and coming actor.

Crashing regularly at his after their nights out on an air bed in his studio flat. Kate has already made it very clear to Garry that he is not her type and they would only ever be friends. He appeared to be accepting of that in order to maintain their friendship.

However, as the relationship develops and Kate suddenly realises that it’s running deeper than just a friendship for him. The situation takes a dangerous turn and she ends up discovering a side to Garry that was definitely more than she ever bargained for.

The play is Yvonne Maxwell’s debut piece and with two extremely talented actors and director Helena Mayberry, they have created a dark and disturbing storyline with an unexpected twist, one of those moments where you truly didn’t see that coming.