My Fern Flower by Jonah York.

According to an ancient myth, the fern flower blooms for a very short time on the eve of the summer solstice and those who are fortunate enough to find it are granted earthly fortunes never before given to anyone else.

The storyteller for the performance is Jonah who tells the family story starting from when his mother goes into hospital to have a baby and only his brother comes home with them. Their Father sinks into a depression after she dies. However, he loves to tell the boys stories and explains that when he finally finds the fern flower he will bring their mother home.

From family tragedy to tragedy that encompasses the author’s idea that through “… an amalgamation of myths that uncover a truth, a revelation, a quest.” the story entwines the family reality and fantasy into a story so tight that you are not sure what can be real. Driven by distraction their father leaves the family home and goes in pursuit of the fern flower.

After their Father just disappears social services are called and in order to stop them from going into care a family member steps in to look after them. With the arrival of their lives, toxic Aunt will their lives ever be the same again?

Storyteller Jonah York brings the families story to life through his passionate and energetic performance. Musician Adam Michalakis accompanies York throughout with a variety of music and sounds effects.

During the performance York highlights the enormity of pressure put onto his character by running on the spot and talking faster. Those feelings of becoming overwhelmed demonstrate that feeling of needing to escape your own thoughts perfectly.

This tragic and moving story has been brilliantly bought to life on stage by this extremely talented pair of performers. Their chemistry on stage allowed the piece to flow smoothly bringing grief to life through an unusual direction.