Soho Cinders directed by Will Keith.

It’s all change down on Old Compton Street for the next three and a half weeks as we see Robbie and Velcro now take centre Stage with two new very strong and talented lead characters Matthew Mather and Livvy Evans. Be assured these two are certainly breathing new life into this fantastic musical.

Quoted directly from my original review “The rags to riches storyline mix friendship, politics, spin doctor media stunts and family disputes brilliantly. James (Lewis Asquith) is running to be the next London Mayor and is engaged to Marilyn (Tori Hargreaves). While at the same time secretly having a relationship with Robbie” the plot has remained exactly the same and second time round Hargeaves and Asquith are still as stron.

Also among the changes are one of the ugly sisters Dana by the energetic Hollie Taylor it’s hard to believe it was her night. Lord Bellingham is now played by Robert Grose. The sleazy spin doctor William George is replaced by Dayle Hodge who has the most exceptional voice hitting some very high notes with precision and brings a whole other dimension to the word spin as he manipulates Prince in his mayoral campaign.

There were plenty of first night nerves evident during the opening number which felt rather flat but as the cast relaxed and started to enjoy themselves the performance came alive and by the end it was full as much passion and energy as the original production.

The magic and friendship that was evident in the original cast between Robbie and Velcro is still very much alive between Mather and Livvy. The pair are very physical and Livvy’s dancing routines are extremely strong. She is a very accomplished dancer and actress.

Mather and Grose front of stage in the finale photo by Elaine Chapman.

Mather’s strength as an actor was evident in the end of act one beginning of act two when he was caught in the “headlights” at the Ball between his date Lord Bellingham and his lover Prince. He has been exceptionally well cast by Will Keith and has bought a stronger mature edge to the role which really works well in my opinion.

Director Keith has revamped and brilliantly revitalised these cast members for its final three and a half weeks run which ends on 11th January at the Charing Cross Theatre be sure to catch it while it’s showing.

Five Stars


Robbie-Mathew Mather

Velcro-Livvy Evans

Clodagh-Michaela Stern

Dana-Hollie Taylor

James Prince-Lewis Asquith

Marilyn Platt-Tori Hargreaves

William George-Dayle Hodge

Lord Bellingham-Robert Grose

Sasha-Melissa Rose.

Written by Anthony Drewe and Elliot Davis.

Music-George Stiles

Lyrics-Anthony Drewe.


Director -Will Keith

Choreographer-Adam Haigh

Set Designer-Justin Williams

Production Team

Will Keith

Michaela Stern

Kyle Tovey.

Press enquiries Kevin Wilson

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