F**k Freud by Lucio Veronesi.

The semi-autobiographical storyline in F**k Freud by Lucio Veronesi watches twenty-something Leone a struggling Italian actor trying to make sense of the world around him while he is attempting to find his identity in a foreign country. Breaking up with girlfriend Sarah ( Siobhan Gallagher) just adds further pain to his situation.

His patience is tested by the customers and his co-worker (Jason Imlach) at the cinema where he works. The job is boring and unfulfilling but Leone needs to support himself between acting jobs and auditions. His sarcastic remarks and lack of tolerance is often lost on both of these parties. Which leads to some very funny one-liner scenes.

The selection of roles played by the incredibly versatile actor Robbie Fletcher-Hill keeps the storyline flowing throughout the performance and the energy in which he puts into these roles is extremely impressive as he switches between the different characters.

The interchanging stage is a really intriguing design made up of plain white pizza box walls representing Leone’s bedroom. The fluidity in which the cast make the stage changes from Leone’s bedroom to the foyer of the cinema and other scenes is incredibly impressive.

When Leone poses the question “Is there anything I want to live for” he isn’t looking for a way out or for any sympathy he is genuinely attempting to make sense of his existence and purpose in this confusing world.

F**k Freud is the debut play for both writer Lucio Veronesi and director Griffin Mosson showing that these two certainly have a flair for what formulates a good theatre production.

Four Stars

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