I Grew a Statue directed by Aaron Arens.

An extremely complex and clever film. At first, you are introduced to what appears to be a case of adultery. However, you soon discover this film is multi-layered and absolutely nothing is what it seems.

The close-up camera shots of their naked bodies and highlighting the details at first appears to be a bit sleazy and are there for the sake of it. However, it’s that attention to detail that is of the utmost importance to this film.

The reactions from the husband when he firsts find his wife with the other man is ambiguous and uncharacteristic of the situation where you would expect to catch sight of some anger or rage, and there is nothing and it is not clear until the end why he had not responded in that manner.

Director Aaron Arens pulled the entire story together and the clues throughout the film all merge allowing you to fully understand why certain things happen that didn’t seem to be true.

This is one of the few short films I saw that I would like to watch again and see the parts I missed on my first viewing. This was my clear favourite of the nights chosen film selection although they were all very different.