The Dandelion Patch devised by the Company and Alan Cameron.

The production of The Dandelion Patch has been created to raise awareness around three families affected by mental health problems through serving within the armed forces.

Dandelion is the symbol for the children from the families of the armed forces. In each of the three families featured in the play, the children all suffer and react differently from living with a parent suffering from PTSD.

The acting in this production comes from the heart rather than many of the cast not being professionally trained actors. Compassion and raising awareness is at the forefront of the play.

The touching and carefully produced performance by a cast made up from many ex veterans leaves you feeling empathy towards them. Knowing some of them have a personal connection the events taking place on stage.

My Dad served in the Royal Air Force at a time when men returned and were just expected to get back on with normal life. How anyone can be exposed to such atrocities and just switch back is beyond me! Well done to this group bringing their play to a very traumatic and stressful Edinburgh Fringe.

The build-up for sufferers of
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is caused by very stressful, frightening or distressing events. Therefore it is a show to go and see in order to show your support and get an understanding of the hidden side of the people who return after protecting our country.

Three Stars.


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