11+ presented by Rosy Beard Company.

11+ on an opening afternoon was an intimate one to one lesson. Rosy Beard has created an interactive based show where the audience is asked to become 10-year-old children as they participate in an educational session about being a private tutor for the 11+.

Covering the controversial topic of the Grammar schools Beard combines the lesson based production with raising awareness into how the system is letting down the people it was designed to help.

Set as a mock lesson with rules and questions in place to abide by. It’s about asking you to think outside the box while firmly being educated within.

The pack Beard has designed has a couple of mock questions in it and some sweets for afterwards as a treat for the “pupil”.

With the performance, it was one to one I didn’t witness how the dynamics would work with an audience of about 8-12. My theory would be that you would begin to get a fun rapport as by nature people like to compete.

For an absolutely one of this year at the Edinburgh Fringe go and enjoy a step back in time and learn a few things about today’s education system along the way.



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