The Cat’s the Thing by Marissa Landy.

Marissa Landy presents through her performance of Tanya and her co-star Dale the cat of how the world is seen through the eyes of an OCD sufferer.

Her stage has been well thought out and dressed methodically. During one scene where Tanya is changing the conflict in her head intensifies telling her not to wear certain items, although what you soon realise is all the socks, tops and bottoms are exactly the same!

The relaxation methods Tanya tries to use to seek calm and solace from the chaos raging in her head are tried and tested forms for sufferers of anxiety and OCD. Using them in her show might be a helpful suggestion to someone who might be suffering.

Through recorded clips played during the production the voices in her in head talk to her degrading and belittling her as they undermine everything she thinks, says and does. Frequently warning her that Dale will die if she performs certain actions as simple as wearing a pair of socks!.

Symptoms presented in the play are stressful and there is the potential that certain scenes or themes could be triggering. However, from the perspective of someone who doesn’t suffer it is a thoughtful and respectful insight into the daily struggle sufferers of this condition have waged war within themselves.

Landy has written a very insightful and thoughtful play that would certainly be worth considering performing in colleges or universities to raise awareness of this debilitating condition.

four stars.



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