Dark Play or stories for boys by Carlos Murillo.

Dark Play or stories for boys is grounded in our social media generation although the original text was published in 2007. Chat rooms, cybersex and absolutely nothing you see areas it seems. Carlos Murillo has encapsulated it all in this extremely “dark” play.

Nick likes “to make shit up” if ever there was such an understatement! As he moves away from the bed where he wakes up with his girlfriend the sense of danger and dark reality of the scars on his abdomen start to unravel!

As a lost and confused teenager, Nick turns to the web to find solace and become someone else to escape the painful truth of living with his alcoholic lone parent Mother whom he regularly fights with and has a dysfunctional relationship with.

Luring Adam into his fictional macabre world with his profile avatar Rachael. He explains in detail how on a scale of 1-10 we all fall into a gullibility category. 1 being low 10 the highest. Singling Adam out online as a 10 the games begin.

The strobe lighting used on the stage blinds you as the computer alter egos come to life mirroring Adams vulnerability as he is blinded from the truth with what he believes to be true.

The only character you feel any empathy for is Adam as he is played as a dark pawn in a game he has no idea how to play or could ever hope to win. He simply wants to fall in love and walk on the beach!

Prepare to be moved in an uncomfortable yet intriguing curiosity as the plot twists and turns. To aid in his creation of Rachael that Adam desperately wants to meet he adds the Stepfather into the mix as an abusive figure to fuel Adam’s jealousy and anger to finish the game off that he has started.

Director Marc David Wright and the incredibly talented cast of five deserve to be proud of bringing life to these troubled characters. With such a strong sense of believability. It is such a shame it is having such a short run at the Edinburgh Fringe as it definitely one to be seen.

Five Stars.



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