The Art of Skipping by Eleanor Griffiths and Megan Hughes.

The Art of Skipping is a new musical exploring budding astronomist Alex’s journey and changing relationships as she learns to deal with her life-changing diagnosis of permanent blindness.

Alex and her girlfriend Jay have bright futures ahead of them following the career paths they are destined to and working in their chosen careers. All that is about to change far beyond what they can both see.

Is it written in the stars when events beyond our control change the path we are taking? Can we only really see the world through our eyes? With five senses at our disposal, why is it our sight is the only one we hold in high esteem?

As an astronomer, Alex uses her telescope to look at the stars. Through the lack of sight, she decides to use another device to listen to the way the stars travel through the atmosphere. It’s a musical and lesson about space all in one.

Eleanor Griffiths and Megan Hughes have bought their musical to the stage changing the way we see sight through this thought-provoking production.

Three Stars

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