The Very Well-Fed Caterpillar by Red Biscuit Theatre.

Who would like to join the “Liberation Cape Caterpillar Club?” An intriguing idea isn’t it. Well, the cast of five graduates from Chichester University has created the Red Biscuit Theatre company. The very talented group have managed to encapsulate everything you hope and expect to find at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Fast-paced comedy with a simple storyline that goes off on many seemingly unconnected tangents and returns at equal speed. The script is dense and the precision of the delivery of the script was superb.

With far too many characters yo name performed by all members of the cast it’s not easy up with Steve, Simon or whoever but to be honest the names are not going to stop the enjoyment of the show.

For any company to perform devoid of props and costumes shows a high level of professionalism and strong acting capability. All five knew exactly where there should be and when. From a see-saw, singing lift to a moving flight of stairs. Trust me seeing is believing with the company.

There are some extremely funny references which keep the audience laughing. With some interesting references to “Hell’s Kitchen” as the cast desperately attempts to make a meal for the greedy hungry King Caterpillar.

Four Stars.


Nathan Charles

Theodore Vaudrey

Craig Unadkat

Theo Moore

Murray Burgess

Twitter @weredbiscuit

Instagram @weredbiscuit


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