Lady bones by Sorcha McCaffrey.

Nula’s passionate and emotive journey through her mental illness is a personal insight by the writer and actress Sorcha McCaffrey into some of the experiences she had with the illness she suffered with over the years, especially her crippling OCD.

She later introduces the audience to the character of her counsellor which is then played by an audience member of her choice. Explaining some of the paths she took to recovery.

The exploration of the ladies body, while she is working as an archaeologist, is the focus throughout as she questions her own existence side by side with the ideas of how this lady would have lived and died. Becoming at times closely connected with the skeletal remains which understandably sounds strange to comprehend.

During her performance, her eyes and body language appear to transport her back to the darker periods in her life as she struggled with her illness and recovery. Her ability to actually appear that she has returned is a credit to her ability as an actress.

The thought-provoking conflict that Nula instigates and controls through the audience when she divides them into two halves has an effective result. The negative side and positive side shout at her simultaneously until she commands them to shout at once. The overwhelming volume and inability to clearly hear anything allows the audience to momentarily experience what her mental illness could have felt like at times.

“Is the tooth fairy” a recognised job is just one obscure question during the show Nula asks us, and I am not sure I will ever look at the colour green in the same way again. Especially a man wearing green socks!

There is a level of audience participation as briefly explained above. However, each member of the audience is asked if they would like to join in or not. Those who don’t are forced to. McCaffrey fully respecting everyone else’s mental well being and self-care.

One of the fringes shows to catch and at 11.25am it’s a good start to the day’s entertainment.

Four Stars

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