Fisherman’s Tail by 4front Theatre.

The ensemble of five have bought together a great family show explaining the Fisherman disciples story adapted from the Bible. Carubbers Christian Centre is the perfect venue for this production as it offers ample comfortable seating and a lot of space for families which the show is aimed towards.

As the two rival sets of Brothers compete over their fishing catches and the state of their nets. It’s only when they all have a chance encounter with a stranger (Jesus) who comes to visit the town on one occasion that the four Fisherman’s future change paths.

As they embark on the “Jesus’s speaking tour” a term I have not heard before. However, it raised some laughs from the audience. Differences between the rivals calm down and they leave to be “fishers of men” and spread the good word set out by Jesus.

Their use of the orange lifebuoy to depict the part to be played of the saviour of mankind Jesus is a clever idea. The purpose of this object is also to save lives as well and the Bible states he too was sent to Earth to save mankind.

There are a lot of sea shanty style songs and uplifting music throughout the entire show. Each member of the cast playing a different instrument and swapping at times midway through a song. The key ingredient to this production is how much you can see the cast themselves enjoying it.

The quality of props the group have used are very effective and extremely impressive considering the work involved in putting on an Edinburgh Fringe show along with the cost of transportation up to Scotland.

It’s a great family fringe production and the acoustics in Carubbers is perfect to raise and enhance the voices of the cast. It even comes with a net full of fish, I am just not sure which variety they were though!

Four Stars.
Carrubbers Christian Centre, 65 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SR (Venue 520)

Time: 13:00

Tickets: £5 (concessions £4, family ticket £16)

Dates: 2nd- 17th August. (No show Sun 4th or Sun 11th Aug)

Running Time: 65 mins

Bookings: //


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