The Falcon’s Malteser presented by New Old Friends and James Seabright.

Cast above left to right Fergus Leatham, Matt Jopling, Sian Eleanor Green and Samantha Sutherland.
The 80-minute funny and thoroughly entertaining family show played to an almost full venue at the Vaults Theatre as we watched the world’s worst detective, Tim Diamond played by Matt Jopling bumble his way through his latest case.

This new production has been adapted from the book “The Diamond Brother’s in The Falcon’s Malteser” by Antony Horowitz who personally endorsed this stage version entitled A Falcon’s Malteser.

Diamond claims on several occasions to be a top detective. However, 13-year-old Nick Diamond played by Sian Eleanor Green is the actual brains behind this detective double-act. Suspension of belief as Green becomes the young Diamond isn’t unbelievable as she takes the role in her stride convincingly.

Although Samantha Sutherland and Fergus Leatham are cast in the programme to play four and three characters each. They also take on the roles of all the minor characters or guest spots taking place throughout the play. You watch as they effortlessly dash from one end of the stage to the other. In addition to these roles, they are expert stagehands too, moving all the scenery around when required.

With Green’s character breaking through the fourth wall at regular intervals to keep the audience up to date with the storyline. Those watching the play have far more idea of what is going on than her older brother Tim Diamond. He reminded me at times of the children’s detective by DIC Enterainmaint’s Inspector Gadget who bumbled through cases and then looking shocked and bewildered at Brain the dog who had actually solved the case.

I especially enjoyed the car chase. The ability to bring a sense of realism to a scene like that shows a great quality of acting skills held by the cast. As the wheeled office chairs scoot around the stage, Green chases after them in slow motion. An idea of how the scene looked can be seen in the picture above.

Director Lee Lyford has bought together a fine mixture of comedy, family fun, and mystery to this latest adaptation by Feargus Woods Dunlop and the theatre company New Old Friends and James Seabright.

Running now until the 25th August it’s a must-see for anyone in London over the summer and great family entertainment at a fraction of West End prices.

Four Stars.
Cast: Sian Eleanor Green-Nick Diamond

Matt Jopling-Tim Diamond

Fergus Leatham-Inspector Snape, Himmel, Johnny Naples and others.

Samantha Sutherland-Beatrice Von Falkenberg, The Fat Man, Betty Cleaner, Lauren Bacardi and various others.
Adapted by Feargus Woods Dunlop

Directed by Lee Lyford with Heather Westwell

Designed by Carl Davies

Photography by Geraint Lewis.

Originally produced by New Old Friends in association with Theatre Royal Bath’s egg & Newbury Corn Exchange
The Vaults Theatre, Launcelot Street, London SE1 7AD
17 July – 25 Aug 2019, Tuesday to Sunday 7 pm plus Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 3 pm
Tickets £15 – £35 | | 0844 815 7141


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