Blue Apple Performance. Saturday 6th July 2019.

The small group performing in this piece at Winchester Hat Fair took place in the Outer Cathedral Close on Saturday afternoon, after walking down the high street dressed in their costumes, as pictured below. Complete with two roughly eight-foot tall monsters complete with enormous heads no mean feat in the midday sun.The short play based on a creature called “Dom, Gloom and Despair” caused the neighbouring happy villagers to fall out. Both villages had very long amusing names which shortened to the “La’s” and the “Lo’s”. Which is far easier to remember.The two villages are bought to disarray as the creature causes trouble, setting them against one another. The arguments and standoffs take place and become more hostile over time. When suddenly both realise what is taking place and decide individually to try to get ” Doom, Gloom and Despair” to stop and leave them alone, through various methods.As each village tries in its own way to stop it from continuing they realise that their only real chance of success is to work as one. As the two groups reunite and take on the task ahead the creature retreats realising he is outnumbered and outsmarted.Blue Apple’s ethos of working together and overcoming obstacles when the odds are not in your favour is at the heart of this piece. It never fails to amaze me how the dedicated team who work with the theatre company bring out the potential of each and every member valuing what each of them can bring bro every performance.Despite the heat, they never faltered once and James, disguised as the creature must have been extremely hot inside the heavy creation. As seen in the picture below at the back. The smiles alone show how much they enjoyed the performance.The moral of the story, work together and bring peace rather than chaos and fighting. Another successful production in my opinion from this fantastic group of actors.Photo credit to Simon Morris.


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