The Luncheon by Kacy Monney and Luis Amália

As the two men begin their lengthy exploration into the darker side of casting rooms and casting directors they luncheon their way through an array of food items from chicory, bread, a rice dish and various other items laid out on the table placed centre stage.

The newest fad diet takes the form of raw egg, flour, lemons, lime and other strange ingredients are mixed in front of you as both men pretend to enjoy their mugs of the concoction which promise them either weight loss or a new body. As Monney and Amália browse through the glossy men’s magazines promoting better ways to live.

Liberal use of cocaine and sexual deviances are used throughout as they go from audition to audition. Eagerly awaiting a callback but too often hearing “next”. Leaving them to prep for the next job.

There are no pauses during this roughly 60-minute performance for anyone to gather their thoughts or try to make sense of some of the information being hurled at the audience.

The entire performance is a cleverly scripted fast-paced social commentary on a side of the theatre and film industry that is hidden from the glare of the public. Which highlights the fragility and unglamourous price of being famous and trying to make it in a cut-throat industry.

However brilliantly cast, written and directed The Luncheon has been. I do think it is one of those plays that will be misunderstood by a wider audience as it’s closed writing and in-house references will get lost. As an avid theatre-goer and studying queer theory and postmodernism, this play was staunchly placed using those two theories as to the backbone.


Kacy Monney

Luis Amália

Photo credit-Max Herridge

Twitter @TheLuncheonPlay

Performed on

June 15th 2019 at 8 pm at

Tristan Bates Theatre

1A Tower Street

Covent Garden


Tel 020 38411 6611

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