The Astonishing Singing Fish by Tice Oakfield. A Flying Dutchman Theatre Production.

If you ever wondered what might happen when an eccentric scientist’s genetically modified experiment blows up in a laboratory then Peter Tourettes could possibly have discovered the answer in the form of Alexander or Alex to his friends the West End style singing goldfish.

For a slightly bizarre 75 minute performance, the audience is treated to comedy, some trivia knowledge on West End Musicals, the shocking ingredients of fish food and some good singing accompanied by some interesting dance moves by two talented and funny actors.

On several occasions, Alex reminds Peter of the acting fourth wall as clearly the audience not being there would have to be the only thing amiss in this surreal play. Where a young scientist is living alone with a talking and singing goldfish as a flatmate!

Alex has one aim since living with Peter and becoming accustomed to watching television and seeing programmes on Les Miserables which is that he wants to sing in Les Miserables as Jean Valjean or Javert. The search then begins to find an agent who will attempt to cast him in the desired roles.

Tice Oakfield’s costume head as the orange goldfish is reminiscent of a cartoon style goldfish and slightly out of proportion. The puppetry style rods controlled the gills and were a clever addition as it allowed Alex to take on human reactions to certain comments made to him by Peter. Especially when he was shocked and put them in front of his mouth.

The mocked up aquarium that takes centre stage has been cleverly designed. The underneath drawer section gives the actor ample space to sit possibly in reasonable comfort for at least 60 minutes of the play. The darkened aquarium has the traditional plastic greenery placed in the corner too.

However, the underlying storyline and depth of how far friendship will go are at the forefront of this play. Exploring how we make friends with the most unlikely people/animals in obscure circumstances. Then how far we go to save them from being destroyed when one of the party makes a mistake.

If tonight’s audience is anything to go by it’s turning out to be a successful funny yet obscure and quirky must-see comedy show. It could easily be perfect Edinburgh Fringe material.

Four Stars


Leo Also-Singing Human

Tice Oakfield-Singing Fish

Philippa Carson-Multiple Voices


Music and Words by Tice Oakfield

Devised by Leo Also and Tice Oakfield

Director-Georgia Murphy

Orchestration-John Holland

Lighting Design/Technical Operator-Edward Justham.



On from 30th April to 4th May 2019

Jack Studio

Brockley Jack

410 Brockley Road


SE4 2DH.

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