Louise Bakkar interview for Opera

Upon meeting Louise and Alison it’s very easy to see how both these highly accomplished ladies have joined together for this Operatic venture. They have a great sense of humour and similar traits in their personality and both are extremely charasmatic.

Director Louise Bakker was completely at ease talking to me about why she became involved with Pegasus, her vision and what it is like working alongside Alison.

With only 6 and a half days of rehearsals available for this performance to be ready for opening night. Louise appeared in very good humour and calm about the task that lay ahead of her and the rest of the Pegasus Operatic Society.

How long have you been involved with Pegasus?

It was about 10 months ago I became involved Louise enthused. It was meeting with Alison and deciding I wanted to be part of something special. I was inspired by the ethos of Pegasus and making something come to life that is worthwhile. It’s been about making something beautiful and then she added “not just for Lols” oh no don’t keep that in. Well actually do keep it and use as a direct quote as it’s true.

Being involved with BAME, what does it mean to you?

Being involved with this opera company who work to help people from minority ethnic groups and underprivileged backgrounds is important. Allowing an art genre that is deemed as high art to be encouraged to a wider audience and performers. Help everybody regardless of backgrounds to fulfil their calling to work and perform is very important.

Are you planning to continue working with Pegasus?

That depends entirely on whether they’ll have me back! Obviously, I’d love to!

How have you found your relationship has been working with Alison and Philip?

Wonderful. A lot of trust, respect, and we all want to create a beautiful production so we’re united in that vision and ambition.

Are you used to working under such a short amount of rehearsal time?

I am referring to your 6 and a half days to get the production ready that you told me the deadline was. Every production is different Louise told me- with rehearsal periods getting shorter across the industry due to work being so expensive to produce. In the Pegasus company, I have such a proficient team of performers that they pick everything up without batting an eyelid. The production and creative teams are equally as brilliant at not just getting the job done under tight conditions, but keeping our standards as high as we possibly can.
If you were to continue working with Pegasus. What would you like to bring to the company to raise their profile further?
The company desperately need more funding, in particular for a full time member of administrative staff. Without that crucial structure to build around, it can’t grow. It’s not a sexy answer, but it’s the honest one!


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