Among Angels

Do Angels walk among us trying to save us from ourselves? The new play by Timothy Graves explores and questions this idea as he delves deep into the dark and sadistic side of grindr and chemsex. Where all the characters are in need of some divine intervention before it’s too late.

We meet Chris first in the depths of another cocaine fix. With his career as a teacher now in tatters, life seems to be over for him. The accusations of rape after a meeting on grindr have left him distraught and depressed and he descends into drugs in an attempt to numb the pain.

Chris in the photo above almost being touched by Angels Mohsen Ghaffari left and Andrew Armitage right.

Christopher Hardcastle switches roles partway through the play from the hardline Police detective, Pete the conventional married family man to Daddy Pig the deviant sexual predator who uses his money and flat to lure in his prey with a selection of drugs for them to choose between smoke, snort or slam.

However dislikeable this character should be. There is a feeling of empathy for him. His struggle to function as a heterosexual man appears to have laid heavy upon him. As he becomes rebellious looking for the next fix of young men as he administers drugs to enhance their sexual encounters. At no point during the play do we see him happy or content just fueled up for the next high at any cost.

Jamie photographed above.

Despite the harrowing world of chemsex throughout the play. The underlying story is one of love between Chris and Jamie. Sadly this love will never be as they inhabit two separate worlds. Can Jamie’s love for Chris save him from death?

The photo above Jamie above and Chris below.

Director Peter Taylor merges together the reality of the darker world of loveless sex and hardcore drug use in a section of the Gay scene and the questions surrounding near-death experiences. Are we actually Among Angels? How far away are these two subjects from one another in reality? Graves writing has bought them together to walk side by side. During the play, the Angels certainly have a lot of work to carry out.

My knowledge about drug use of any kind is extremely limited. Understanding the effects and damage the ones referred to in the play caused open my mind to what damage these drugs actually can do.

A brave and challenging subject to bring to any stage. However, raising awareness and opening up real-life situations similar to these could be the lifeline needed to help save someone’s life. Is Timothy Graves one of those Angels?

Four stars.

Cast and Crew

Stephen Papaioannou-Chris

Keiran Faulkner-Jamie

Tommy Papaioannou-Adam/Detective Inspector Black

Christopher Hardcastle-Pete/Detective Inspector White aka Daddy Pig

Andrew Armitage-Angel One/Matt/Michael Mc.Carthy

MohsenGhaffari-Angel Two/Tom

Jordan Moffatt-Light and Sound designer

Timothy Graves-Production.

Written by Timothy Graves

Directed by Peter Taylor.

Photo credit to Craig Fuller.

Tim Graves has taken the issues raised in his play responsibility and there are helpline numbers available on the plays leaflet. Chemsex support and information please contact Antidote at London Friend 0207 8331674 ( Crystal Meth Anonymous CMA

Warning this play contains strong themes of a Sexual nature, Smoking and Drug use.

On 3rd-27th April 2019

Courtyard Theatre

Bowling Green Walk

40 Pitfield Street

N1 6EU.


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