2nd Coming Again by Colin Hubbard.

The 2nd coming is a well-written comedy farce where the audience is entertained by Carl and Jason as they attempt to convince each other that they are the chosen one who will be joining God. Carl is an atheist and Jason is a thief the two perfect candidates on a planet full of people to be chosen from!

Pictured above Colin Hubbard.

We are first introduced to Mary through Carls childhood memory when he first encounters the young and innocent Mary at the age of five where they sat next to each other in school. He fondly remembers her cheese and pickle breath as he reminisces about the day he fell in love with her.

We soon discover that Jason fell in love with Mary too. However, this is years later and their encounter took place while they were at University together.

Pictured above Gemma Wray.

However, While Carl and Jason spa for pole position as to which one of them is God’s chosen one or indeed Mary’s chosen one too. They both overlook God’s obvious choice as their self obsessed battle of words, raps and guitar playoffs commence and blind their ability to see beyond each other.

The songs are catchy although a bit cheesy, the raps are nothing for Eminem to be afraid of. However, Carl, Jason, and Mary use the stage to showcase all the talents each one holds as the men try to outdo each other in an attempt to prove why they are the best person for both of the vacant positions.

Pictured above Jack Westgate.

The loaves and fish biblical reference and description of the events that follow are especially funny as their updated version takes the form of five loaves and two tins of tuna. The mind boggles at the idea of how two tins were stretched between the five loaves!

The voice of God played by Babajide Fado has been well cast as it is clear and commands a presence in the theatre without stepping a foot onto the stage.

With an undressed stage beyond three chairs, it is down to the very talented cast of three to bring this show to life and they certainly manage it with comedy, banter and what appears to be great ease.

The hour-long show is great fun and a lot of laughs. It is easy to see how it was well received when it last ran at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Four stars

Playing the 4th-5th April 2019.


Carl-Colin Hubbard

Jason-Jack Westgate

Mary-Gemma Wray

Featuring the voice of Babajide Fado.

Directed by the Cast.

Executive producer-David Brady

Associate director-Jess Barton.


Lion and Unicorn Pub Theatre

42-44 Gaisford Street

Kentish Town


NW5 2ED.



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