Oscar Wilde in Fitzoria

The literary and Operatic evening presented by Rebecca Hossack played host to around 50 people to launch the new work which will be performed by Pegasus Operatic Society and the new book written by Matthew Sturgis about Oscar Wilde, held in Rebecca Hossack art gallery Conway Street in Fitzrovia.

The gallery tucked into Conway Street is a bright spacious gallery predominantly displaying large modern art work pieces. Many of which were extremely colourful presenting the perfect backdrop to the event.

The Opera by composer and conductor Philip Hagemann is being performed at the Royal Academy of Music from 12th-14th April 2019. We were given a snippet performance of two of the pieces from his work.

Matthew Sturgis began by introducing his new book Oscar a life explaining in detail the connections Oscar Wilde had to the area around the gallery in Fitzrovia. What drew him to this part of London and why he stayed.

Matthew Sturgis pictured above holding his new book Oscar a life.

Sturgis described in-depth what had drawn Wilde to being there and the reasons for him staying. One of which was his mentor George Lewis who lived there had been one of the main connections for Wilde. Alongside this was the vast amount of like-minded intellectuals living in that area during that period. The in-depth knowledge Sturgis holds on Wilde leads me to believe his book will be extremely interesting.

As previously mentioned the galleries audience were treated to two performances that are featuring in the upcoming Opera by two of the singers who will be performing. The extremely talented Soprano Alison Buchanan and Nick Morton who are an absolute delight to listen to.

The lighter Operatic style does not lack any of the passion and emotions you expect from the more well known classic Opera composers. When Alison Buchanan began to sing her voice moved me. With a rapturous round of applause at the end, I was not alone with my feelings about her performance.

Tickets for the upcoming event are available from

Box office 020 7873 7373.



Twitter @PegasusOpera
Pegasus Opera’s Artistic Director and Soprano Alison Buchanan.

Directed by Louise Bakker.

Conductor and Composer Philip Hagemann.

The Opera is to be held in the

Susie Sainsbury Theatre

Royal Academy of Music

Marylebone Road


London NW1 5HT.

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery,

2a Conway St


W1T 68A.

Written on behalf @LondonTheatre1.com

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