Saga written by Michael Currell.

This unusual and brilliant adaptation Saga by Michael Currell has been based on the work by August Strindberg’s surrealist piece of theatre A Dream Play, written in 1901.

The tale of Saga tells the tale of the daughter of the Gods who dramatically falls to earth at the start of the play. Her interest and curiosity about discovering who human beings really are and to hopefully fall in love. Experiencing some of the basic human emotions. However, she soon learns that through evolution humans have lost the capacity to want to feel through disillusionment and disappointments that feelings only lead to hurt.

Nothing gets lost in translation during the performance. Each of the four actors fluently speaks in both English and Swedish throughout the play. Currells excellent skills as a writer have ensured the audience can follow each scene by breaking each Swedish dialogue with enough key English words to understand the conversations which are taking place.

The updated adaptation mocks modern society. The desperate vlogger who craves likes at any cost on her posts, to the point of tragedy. Parents, whose last act of responsibility is a double murder to allow their son to finally have a life. These themes appear to be far fetched, but are they actually closer than we think?

This bleak outlook on society is broken up with some very funny scenes and brilliant one-liners, which are delivered brilliantly. However, If you are looking to escape Brexit, then hard luck as the chaos in our government at the present time is expertly mocked within the 60-minute play.

Olivia Stones ideas of a basic dressed set and minimal props work very well. As the audience can suspend their disbelief engaging fully with the actors and through audio recordings of angry crowds during a couple of scenes where you can visualise the chaos taking place outside the apartment block.

Upon leaving the play it is hard not to question how absurd modern life has become and how it would look to a complete outsider. When did vast swathes of society decide to stop feeling and believing in something real?

This production is perfect for the fringe theatregoers. Engaging, entertaining, topical and funny.

Four Stars


Saga-Frida Storm

Julia Florimo

Olivia Skoog

Marie Rabe

Directed and produced by Olivia Stone

Sound design by Lida Aino

Costume designer Harriet Billington

Stage Management by Gabriella Bland

Written by Michael Currell.

The Etcetera Theatre

Above Oxford Arms

Camden High St



12th-16th March 2019

12th-24th August 2019

3rd-7th September TBC



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