Dream of a King written and performed by Christopher Tajah.

Four Stars.

The depth of passion and attention to detail by Christopher Tajah in the dynamic role of Martin Luther king was an incredible performance to watch. The Drayton Arms fringe theatre was an ideal location to set the play in.

The songs performed by the wonderfully talented queen of rock Paulette Tajah enhanced the introductions to both acts of the play. Her voice is absolutely amazing and added another dimension to the play.

The knowledge held by Tajah about this iconic historical figure was fascinating. His delivery changed style between gospel preacher, narrator and passionate driven campaigner for black rights during that period in history.

With so much information delivered in the 90-minute performance, it was at times overwhelming. However, his performance kept you engaged at all times. To have learned so many lines and to have held his conviction at all times is to be admired.

There were parts to Martin Luther King’s life and career that I had no knowledge of and went away very enlightened. With greater respect for all this man had achieved before his assassination.


Martin Luther King- Christopher Tajah.

Musical performance by Paulette Tajah.

A Resistance Theatre Company ltd Production.

The Creators:
Christopher Tajah @CTajahOfficial: Writer and actor
Bernie C. Byrnes @BernieCByrnes: Director
Paulette Tajah @PauletteTajah: Singer
Photograph credit Elaine Chapman.

Tour Dates:

Drayton Arms Theatre – February 26th – 2nd March
Waterloo East Theatre 12th, 13th, 19th & 20th March
The Bridge House Theatre 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th March
The Brighton Fringe Festival – The Warren-Theatre-Box 20th, 21st, 22nd May
Edinburgh Fringe – The Space Triplex Studio, The Space Uk 2nd – 24th Aug


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