S.A.M written and directed by Daniel Harding.

Available on vimeo.com/293793320


Brilliantly constructed, produced and acted short film crammed into six minutes.

The easy to follow in-depth storyline keeps you intrigued and interested throughout.

S.A.M is an artificial intelligence female. Whose profile is computer generated to match with their client’s application, while you wait. However, as we see the match becomes intense very quickly and is over with 24 hours. Leaving behind a distraught client. Who wants to know why and where the match has disappeared to.

This short film follows the growing trend of using a strong positive lead female protagonist, which in this instance hasn’t failed to deliver.

There is a good foundation here for producing a feature-length film in the future. Building on the characters back stories and understanding how and why S.A.M has been created. A modern-day twist on internet dating.

You can watch this short film by using the link at the top of this review.


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