Blue Apple Theatre A Christmas Carol Rehearsal

The large cast pictured above who are performing in the 2019 production of Scrooge, all assembled for rehearsals at 10 am on 16th December a bright winter Sunday morning in the dance studio based at Winchester University. The excitement of Christmas was evident in the array of festive jumpers and the exchanging of Christmas cards.

It began with their normal warm-up routine of various physical activities and voice warm-ups. There was some laughter and grumbles as they settled into the morning’s activities. However, one thing is certain with this group and that is their pride and dedication they have in this great company. Watching them interact with one another and the way they support each other is heartwarming and they make sure that nobody gets left out. The closeness of this group is evident in the two photographs below.

The Blue Apple theatre company boast what they believe to be the first time that Scrooge has been played by a female actor with Downs Syndrome, Katie looked the part in her all-black dress which will be finished off with a bonnet for the live performance. The photo below gives you a sneak preview of what you can expect to see in the performance. She was so proud to be in costume and kept twirling in the wall long mirrors to see herself.

Richard seen leading the cast in the photo below and his team kept the cast focussed and enthusiastic throughout the three-hour-long rehearsal session. Some of the scenes were quite challenging for members of the cast, they worked so hard to remember their lines and various stage directions. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to share the experience with them.

The morning was the first time that some of the cast had worn their costumes. Members disappeared to be fitted out and returned looking very proud in them. It is going to be very effective once they are all dressed in costume and perform at the Theatre Royal in January. Watch out for the special guest puppets as modelled by the cast below who will make an appearance on the stage too.

The official photographer Mike Hall was capturing the entire morning’s work on camera. The great photos used in this review are all credit to his work.

I am looking forward to reviewing the finished production when they perform in January. Good luck with the rest of the rehearsals all of you and see you in 2019. Please come and show your support and enjoy what I am sure will be a really good night out.

The play will be performed on Friday 11th-Sunday 13th January 2019 7:30 pm at

The Theatre Royal,

Jewry Street,



S023 2SB.

Tel 01962 840440

The Blue Apple Theatre Company


@BlueApplePlaysInstagram blueappletheatre

Photographer Mike Hall

Twitter @photograph247


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