Borderline by Lydia Vie

Photograph above courtesy of Juan Carlos Roa Perez.

Calima Productions presented Borderline for three nights in the fringe theatre venue Lion and Unicorn, Kentish Town. The smaller theatre provided an intimate setting for this production dealing with the mental health damage caused to women through various seemingly everyday situations.

The cast of five actresses told the nine featured stories in this production through dance, poetry, movement and dialogue. Lilian Tsang’s powerful portrayal of an alcoholic wife berating her long-suffering husband Victor moved the audience. On a couple of occasions, she locked eye contact with me while in character and the conviction in her body language was moving and I felt slightly uncomfortable. Achieving the desired effect of her role.

The stage was unusually dressed with the costumes worn throughout the play hung on various wall sections. The actresses putting the coloured clothes over the top of their black outfits once taking on their main roles. The outfits displayed can be seen in the above photo. These transitions flowed very well and did not interrupt the performance. As seen below the collage of torn out pages depict the jumbled thoughts inside the minds of their roles, adding another dimension to their performances.

Photograph courtesy of Elaine Chapman.

Esther Fernandez directing ability has created an interesting look into the minds of women whose mental health has been damaged and the extreme measures they will turn to. The aim of the company is to give a voice to women and unrepresented performers in the theatre industry.

The play was performed on 6th-8th December 2018 at 7.30pm.

The Lamb and Unicorn

42-44 Gaisford St,


NW5 2ED.

Calima Productions


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