The Sun, The Mountain, and Me by Jack Fairey.

The mindful state between genius and madness is often closely linked. Arthur ( Jack Fairey) is an artist surrounded by many unfinished paintings and boxes that require attention before he and his girlfriend Tara move into their new flat. Are her concerns justified?

Arthur discovers a book on ancient Greece while organising his belongings. Icarus desperately wants to reach the sun and taste freedom after being imprisoned in the tower. Becoming the focus of Arthur’s attention, he explores in depth how he perceived Icarus felt at that time.

As the artistic mental block that has shrouded Arthur, lifts he becomes absorbed into his work once again and loses track of time, location, and mental stability.   Forgetting the commitment he has made to Tara to attend their party.

Tightly written by Fairey bringing modern-day life in Egham together with ancient Greek mythology and World War Two Kenya in the painting, he is desperately trying to finish for his brother, Ethan for his birthday.

Mental health can creep up upon us without a clear realisation of what is happening until faced with catastrophic consequences. Unfortunately for many, there isn’t an Ethan there to save the day and help put things into order without judgement.

Joe Malyan created a chaotic artistic setting for Fairey’s performance. Screens at the back of the stage allowed the colour changing walls to come to life during his moment of madness! Adding to the dramatic impact of the story.

In seventy minutes, you experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions and an insight into the way the grip that mental health can have upon you without warning to the sufferers. Although from the outside, it’s uncomfortably apparent.

For further information on this play and future productions at Brockley Jack Theatre, please use the links below.

Four Stars.


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