Phil Green 90’s Boy, Blair the Lovegun and me.

If you’re a fan of everything 90’s or just fancy a trip down memory lane, then comedian Phil Green has a show just for you, 90’s Boy the Lovegun and Me. Combining his music obsession, bad luck in finding a girlfriend and trying to understand his parents.

Laced with one-hit wonder bands and their follow up lesser-known b-sides from Aqua and The Red Necks, along with an explanation behind the relationship dynamics of the characters in the hit children’s television programme Rainbow and his obsession with the BBC evening programme changing rooms.

Green’s neurodiverse condition takes up a reasonably large part of the performance. Green explains how his late diagnosis in life has allowed him to make sense of his behaviour especially when he was younger. Although questioned along the way about how his Mother could have missed his condition as she had worked as a mental health nurse.

Stated strongly a couple of times during the show that this “is not a political show” politics does future a few times and we are briefly educated on the reasons why Green was an active labour party member during the Blair years in power.

Just a word of warning though if you own a Cockapoo and live near Green, please avoid being recruited by the “freemasons of the dog community ” called “Poo Club” as their terms and conditions in their WhatsApp group is very strict. You could find yourself removed without warning.

Starting your Edinburgh Fringe afternoon with this light-hearted comedy show is certainly on my recommendation list.

For more information on Phil Green and information about how to see this great comedy show which is part of the free fringe please use the links below.

Four Stars


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