Obscenities by Will Nash and

Theatrical Niche presents Obscenities by Venetia Twigg and writer director/producer Will Nash.

Break Bitches follows a trio of work colleagues celebrating the announcement by Henri that the syndicate have won 72k on the lottery. Liz and Cora are in for an unpleasant surprise though.

Things soon turn sour as past agreements are bought up as it’s duscussed about how they will or won’t split the winnings the conversations quickly turn bitter. What would you do in their position? We watch as greed brings out the darker side of human nature.

Dodo. Boredom in lockdown has struck hard. Kate explains to Jon about the alleged confirmed five sightings of mermaids off the coast in Cornwall. Jon’s patience is wearing thin as he reminds Kate about the “Unicorn fossils” in Latvia a few months before along with other “bollox arsed theories” that she has been telling him about.

With cabin fever firmly gripped onto Kate, will a phone call from her sister offer her a taste of sanity? What is lurking in the garden bush? Could it just be the neighbour’s cat “Cindy Clawford” again. Tune into Obscenities to find out the answers to these questions and possibly a few more.

Tensions run high in Symphony between Rosie, Jan and Sable as “harmless” drinks with friends/colleagues. Turns into a battle of egos as they wait to find out which one of them has been chosen.

Who has Alexis chosen for the Orchestra? The answer is never completely confirmed. However, just how far will the three go to seek their revenge should they not have be the chosen one.

Combined the three productions last just under half an hour. Writers Twigg and Nash have bought out the darker depths of the human psyche in Obscenities and Symphony where greed, envy and double-crossing take centre stage. Whereas Dodo focuses on the conspiracy theorist outlook on life and offers a gentler storyline between the two emotionally charged productions.

Twigg and Nash are certainly a talented writing duo. I would be willing to suggest that they have probably encountered women similar to these female characters who will go to any lengths to get what they feel they are “entitled to” and at anyone’s expense.


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