AM I HAPPY YET? by Jack Hesketh

Written and performed by Jack Hesketh and directed by Coral Tarran AM I HAPPY YET? starts with the young man bouncing out of bed to the upbeat sounds of “Mr Blue Sky” by ELO. The familiar morning routines ease you in gently to what is about to unfold.

Glaswegian born and bred and now living in London he is trying to find in the way in the vast metropolis. Drawn from his own personal experiences this production is a complex and brutally honest one-man play.

The young twenty-something Guy battles with acceptance about his status as a grown man when he still feels he’s only a boy. Battling the demons of depression and anxiety he tries to discover who he is in the daunting world of adults wondering if somewhere he missed the door he obviously one entered into adulthood.

Hesketh gives an exceptional performance during the entire play and as a frequent Theatregoer, you can occasionally spot performances that have been created from their own personal experiences.

During scenes when the characters depression was at its peak. The sound effects of the train storming through his mind really hit home. As you could feel just how desperate he felt.

The performance and writing by Hesketh are in equal strengths and this moving and powerful production leads me to believe he is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

Four Stars