The Exceptional case of Whizz and Drex by Fred Kelly.

The case is certainly an exceptional new piece of writing by Fred Kelly in his new play The Exceptional case of Whizz and Drex.

Kelly has captured the essence of how the mind of a narcissistic bully operates through Whizz played by Guy Samuels the manipulative boss who is charming on the surface but deadly underneath and lacking in empathy and compassion.

Guy Samuel’s courtesy of Santamana pictures.

His victim is his employee Drex played by Louis Strong. Strong’s performance is brilliant as he understands fundamentally what is right and wrong but stuck in a world where he is co-dependent due to his finances he allows Whizz to control more than he wants.

At first, when the fire lights up behind the boxes in the storage unit it does not seem to correlate with what you are introduced to by how this unique storage facility operates. However, without giving away any spoilers it becomes sinisterly clear in the end what they represent.

Louis Strong courtesy of Santamana pictures.

The storage establishment is run on the basis that you pay what you feel your package is worth. The higher price you pay the more likely you are to see the package again. Anything under about twenty-five pounds is fair game in Whizz’s world so the customer is very unlikely to ever see it again.

It’s not very clear when Nadi (Ellen Paterson) first arrives unannounced in the storage space of what she is trying to do when she is attempting to win the trust of Drex. Again without giving anything away everything becomes clear in the end.

The chaotic desk, boxes stored in a haphazard manner represent the chaotic jumbled up way in which a narcissist person operates. The more confused they can make their victims the more powerful they become and when Whizz tells Drex he is “…lucky he employs him…” it jolted me as I understood the implications of what he meant.

Chief played by Kathryn O’Reilly is immune to the workings of Whizz’s charms and unpicks the storyline intermittently in the form of police interviews with Whizz and Drex. As she determines the details of what has actually taken place there.

Kelly has created a captivating new play which tackles how bullying in the workplace can devastate the lives of the bullied and those around them. It is never just one major incident that the victim recalls as the bully takes his time and drip feeds fear, self-doubt and a sense of loyalty for the perpetrator in their victims minds.

Four Stars.

For further details on this production please use the link below.


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