Be Good by James Lawes.

The short film Be Good is a stark look at one lone parent struggle with her life stuck in a house that is deteriorating around them, a realisation that she is getting older and having a child to bring up alone is too much for the single parent in this short film by James Lawes.

The relationship between the nine-year-old and her Mum is complicated and filled with resentment from the parents perspective.

Left alone to fend for herself for the day the young girl cooks herself a bowl of peas and eats alone at the kitchen table. From what we can see in the film it is the only food available for her in the house. It certainly makes for uncomfortable viewing.

It’s a bittersweet tale in the pursuit of loneliness and the desperation of wanting to be loved. When Mum brings home a stranger from an alcohol-fuelled night out how safe are Mum and daughter? Watching how the man responds towards the child was chilling and his body language was intimidating.

The remote location used in this short film reflects the remoteness both of the lead characters appear to be feeling throughout the film, never really knowing what to do next. Sadly, this is a reflection of the situation many people find themselves in through no fault of their own.