Smashing it by Ms Helen Sulis-Bowie.

Photo by Tamsin Drury, 2019.

An interesting and well thought out look at the consumerist and patriarchal society surrounding us. Why should your birth gender and the economical background you are born into automatically give you the entitlement over other people?

As a world, we consume many pointless articles as Ms Helen Sulis-Bowie perfectly highlights as she produces from her long life Sainsbury’s bag a selection of strange purchases she has made over the years. These included glittery high heeled boots, a pound jumper that was too big for her and laxative detox teabags that set her back £25! None of which would appear to serve a long-lasting purpose.

The audience participation game called Say my Name describes a famous man in the public eye through the women who have been in his life. After all the saying goes “behind every great man is a strong woman”. There were some interesting choices in the collection of names and the audience guessed them all correctly.

The game show-style performance draws you into the story with a sense of fun and amusement. However, there is a serious undercurrent to the show and once you have processed the content properly it leaves you realizing the deeper and harsh message Sulis-Bowie has highlighted.

The production is still a work in progress, there are still parts of the show that need to be bought together and tightened up. Although it’s very entertaining and thought-provoking and I will be very curious to see how the show develops.

Three Stars

Written and performed by Helen Sulis-Bowie

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