Love, Sex and all things inbetween by YT2 Theatre Company.

Love, Sex and all things in between offers you exactly what the title says. This warts and all play looks at matters of the heart and offers the audience a straight forward description of these emotions from a sensitive well-researched cross-section of society.

The story is set around the relationships of a single Mum of two and her children who are both in their late teens and sexually active. Brother and Sister share a few personal experiences but their slight awkwardness around Mum’s open sexual adventures is cringeworthy and funny. After all, why shouldn’t she enjoy herself, forty-somethings are certainly not past it!

There is definitely something that everyone can relate to or connect to within this play. Although predominantly focusing on a younger cast this suits the nature of the script as they are learning and explaining what happens when you start to “feel” from both a positive and negative opinion.

The young couple explaining how they met adds a lovely addition to the play. what love felt like to them at the start of their relationship is heartwarming especially in today’s society of quick hookups and dating apps which very rarely end up in happy ever after. Their organic situation of meeting offers some hope in today’s society.

I wasn’t prepared for the shocking explanation about how some people view “Asexual” members of our community it was extremely hard-hitting and opened my eyes to the heinous abuse and assaults that can take place for some of them.

Delivered in a fast-paced style the tightly knitted script by Joanne Denson Stockdale offers no rest between each of the characters and it’s refreshing to see “love” delivered in an honest approach without over the top grand gestures and overacted sentiment which normally leaves me feeling completely unconvinced.

It’s an all-encompassing look at exactly what the title is about to offer you. Go and see it with an open mind and leave with an enlightened view on what it is like to simply feel!

Four Stars

Written by Joanna Denson Stockdale

Performed at by Yt2 Theatre Company.


Maskers Theatre Company,

Edmund’s Joinery,

Off Emsworth Rd,


SO15 3LX.


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