The Silhouette in the Smoke

The immersive theatre production The Silhouette in the Smoke has been set in the London Steam and Water Museum near Kew Bridge by Immercity and run by Rosanna Mallinson. Jackdaw and Magpie are your guides for the evening. Jackdaw explains clearly and concisely what you need to do at each step of the way and helps you throughout the evening.

The Victorian-style high tea is a nice way to start the evening off as you can relax around your table with the group you are selected to be with. Giving you plenty of time to introduce yourselves and relax into your teams.

In your groups of around 6-8 people and you are asked to choose a character from the photos spread out on the table in front of you and each member from each of the groups who have chosen that character then follows that ghost around for the first half of the evening, watching the cast interact and make mental notes about which part of the story you witness.

The second half of the evening you regroup and work together piecing the different parts of the story together in order to solve the murder.

Each of the six characters is connected to the factory in some way from the factory owner Matthew Shaw to Robert Morgan the Cheif Engineer. The tragic death of the young lad “Billy” becomes the focus of the evenings “whodunnit” detective mystery.

The factory based immersive theatre venue is full of character and an eerie atmosphere. The darkened areas and dimly lit staircases are the perfect settings to heighten your senses as you are all trying to work out who the killer was!

One piece of advice when you go is that you dress for comfort as there is a lot of walking involved as you move up and down the stairs and over the floors in pursuit of each of the characters. Watching as they interact and you gather the clues to help you solve the murder mystery.

The cast of six was fully immersed in character throughout the entire evening and even when the time comes to question each of them individually they still command their statuses and will not be swayed to answer anything if asked in a manner that offends them. You have been warned!

The entire experience was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable. An evening where you can exercise your detective skills, socialise with new people and have fun all at the same time. I would certainly like to try other immersive theatre productions.

Five Stars.

For details, information and availability please use the link below.

Photos are all taken by myself of The London Steam and Water Museum.


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