Mandy Muden:Is Not the Invisible Woman.

Multi-award winning female magician Mandy Muden starts her show as she means to go by magic and appearing out of thin air. After being the 2018 semi-finalist in Britain’s Got Talent she has bought her new show to Edinburgh Fringe for 2019.

When ladies reach a certain age they appear to become invisible to the outside world and although this is the title of the show. Mandy Muden’s larger than life personality and outlook lets the audience know this is not something she’s going to let happen to her.

Mudens tricks are all performed with a side helping of humour and sharp one-liners. Her charisma, likeability and style of comedy keep the audience engaged throughout the show.

Like all good magicians, there isn’t time to figure out exactly how her tricks are performed. Watching her reveal the correct answers at the end of the show to questions that have been collected by asking the audience questions through the show leaves you thinking wow!

Throughout the show, her audience were completely engaged with her and everyone who was asked to participate appeared happy to do so and she certainly put them at their ease when they entered the stage.

Muden has been breaking the stereotypes in the Male-dominated field of magicians as the female role is usually the assistant. She is very funny and entertaining as well as being a very talented magician.

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of magic shows. However, I would highly recommend this show and I would definitely go and see her again.

Four Stars.


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