My journey so far…

It’s fast approaching the first anniversary of my journey into reviewing theatre, art and films.

When I look back at August 2018 when it all began to the heartbroken person who threw themselves into something they loved I don’t recognise them as the same person standing here now.

My confidant and theatre/travelling companion Nina believed in me from the start, even when I doubted it. I mean who is going to listen to a nobody!

Watching Dave Chawner’s comedy show on behalf of The Sit-Up awards, yes, me reviewing for an award. Seriously who wants my opinion! Let alone an award at the Fringe. The story he told of why he had so lit with his previous girlfriend resonated with me. To love someone you knew you didn’t have a future with is a hard choice to make and I hope I never have to make it again. Like Dave, I have carried on working and pushed myself further. He is a true ambassador for men who suffer from eating disorders plus much more that he works on and helps raise awareness of. We need more men like him.

I had the pleasure of reviewing for Proforca in late 2018. They have become stronger and debut At Last in September 2019 and I feel privileged to be attending. David Brady who now runs the pub theatre at The Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town has become a friend as well as a working relationship. Watch this name he is going far in this industry as an artistic director.

Now reviewing on behalf of four separate magazines alongside my own site it’s been a fantastic year. Each of the editors has been brilliant and understand my dyslexia and at times my brain runs off leaving paragraphs jumbled. It’s not because I am lazy it’s just the hurdle I have to overcome.

Returning this year will be a totally different experience. Least of all my heart has healed and I see the world differently. I am reviewing as an accredited Edfringe reviewer, seeing more shows on behalf of The Sit-Up awards and have shows booked in to review. Added to this I am featured on a poster or two!

With the Offies 2 now on the horizon. Hopefully, I will be able to make some of the shows for its pilot run. This coming year is going to start opening more doors.

The Winchester film festival is on too along with London Pub Theatre magazine new awards event taking place in October, the once professed nobody is going to be a part of this too and have already nominated a very talented young actor.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my first year. Listened, proofread and just said well done when I have doubted myself.

My next venture in this industry will take place later this year. I never wanted to be rich and famous, those who truly know me know my attitude towards money. If I can help others achieve their dreams and be part of a world I love then that is when I will have made it.


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