Twisted Tales show from Owdyado Theatre


Daniel Richards

Charlotte Bister

Hannah Stephens.

Photo credit to Jon Jacobs.

One of the first challenges is to work out how to pronounce the theatre companies name “ow do you do”.

The three Twisted tales in these performances are very dark, extremely well acted and intricately detailed plays. Exploring the side of human nature that rarely gets uncovered and in many cases would not want to be.

The first play is the Vindicta Games and the level of vindication is high. The three seemingly unknown strangers have no idea who each other is, how they are connected or why they are there. The clues in the room that they are to find in order to escape are delivered through a voice from the speaker. We learn the connections bit by bit and how each of the characters has wronged “Emily”, who is behind this rooms creation and why she seeks revenge. Each had played a part in her depression and drastic fall into the gutter.

The warning in this play is to be careful who you wrong in this life as every action has a reaction. Just hopefully not ending in such a sinister manner though.

Play two starts off very surreal. With Kenneth constantly mithering Lisa upon her arrival home from work. The dialogue is rapid and holds all the clues to the nature of their relationship. Daniel as Kenneth is pictured below.

Without dropping any spoilers you can never be too sure just how much your loving domesticated pets really understand what you are saying to them and how things could end up.

The final play is led by Blue bear. The demonic hand puppet who takes on the bureaucratic world of children’s television after learning his show will be cancelled in order to be taken over by virtual presenters. Is nobody safe from this bears spell and glowing red eyes?

The funniest part I found took place with Artimus explaining in the style of “Mr Maker” how to design and create your own ransom notes, just remember to add the glitter!

Again every detail as to why each character is there and why they take the drastic actions they do all unfold clearly. The play ending leaves no loose ends just a very uncomfortable feeling. Not an easy one to perform with scenes like Daniel hitting his own head with a hammer and making it look authentic, as depicted above.

Twisted tales certainly lives up to its title. Each play getting darker and more disturbing as they go along. Excellently written and performed by the three very talented actors. Perfect Fringe theatre work. However, it will require tough editing for the performance time to be greatly reduced in order to fit into the normal fifty-minute show slots at the Edinburgh Fringe.

All other cast details can be found on the photo above.

This production is part of the new bold performances during Fest West which is running from Friday 15th February to Saturday 2nd March for further details contact;

Wiltshire Creative,

Salisbury Playhouse,

Malthouse Lane,



SP2 7RA.

Ticket sales 01722 320 333

In 2015 ‘Owdyado were made a Resident Company of Hall For Cornwall. They are supported by Arts Council England and FEAST Cornwall.

A full schedule of where you can catch this show can be found on the link below


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