The Singer by Nick Joseph

Nick Joseph the award-winning writer-director introduced the play to the audience. He explained what we are about to watch and suggested to the audience that there is a bit of ‘inner surrealist’ in all of us.

The interestingly titled play The Singer journeys through the mind of a man obsessed by a Jazz singer. He has lucid moments and then plunges back into the depths of his mental illness. Seeking help through electric shock treatment with his therapist.

While watching this play I envisioned a Dali painting come to life. With each of the quirky details adding its backstory to the play and explaining in detail why it had been painted there.

This highly demanding script was performed exceptionally by the two cast members. Who can be seen in the two opening photos? The number of lines and changing roles was performed professionally, never faltering at any stage during the performance.

The conversation I heard as I was leaving from two audience members conclude my review of this play ‘how would you explain to anyone what you have just seen!’

Showing from 28th November to 1st December 2018.

Chesil Theatre

Chesil Street



Twitter @ChesilTheatre


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