A Christmas Carole, A Twist on the Classic Tale.

Newbury Dramatic Society is a long established group who have performed a new twist on this popular Christmas classic of a Christmas Carol featuring Mr Scrooge. The main male characters have all been rescripted to female roles. For example, you saw Mrs Scrooge with Mrs Crachit as her employee.

The three visiting ghosts take on the form of Miss Haversham, Mr Fagin and Marquise de Evrémonde all villains featuring in other Dickens novels. Adding a very well scripted new angle to this story.

The costumes were really impressive for a small production team. I especially liked the one wore by the ghost of Mrs Marley, the actress was really entertaining and used the chains to add a gruesome effect to her lead role.

The children in the play were very good and needed very little prompting with their lines. Well done all of you.

The main scene changing man really worked hard running from side to side with the chair scenes and tried very hard not to be seen.

The whole society looked like they were really enjoying themselves, which adds to the audience’s enjoyment.

The details about the Society and this show are all available on the flyer posted above.


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