Show Stopper The Improvised Musical.

Photographs courtesy of @showstoppers

On a cold and wet night in November, The Point in Eastleigh was the perfect place to be with Show Stopper the Improvised Musical performing there. The company has quite a large cast of performers and musicians who work within the company and every performance by them is a brand new play. However, this evenings cast comprised of eight of their members, six of the acting cast and two musicians.

The audience participates at the beginning of the show by calling out ideas when the producer is gathering the themes for the cast to perform. He relays his plans back to the director on the telephone. Who then agrees for the show to take place.

This evening the audience was entertained with a new improvised musical, using songs from les miserables and little shop of horrors. Tonight’s location was decided to be set inside a casino. The cast uses minimal props and mimes the actions as they are singing and dancing. For example, spinning roulette wheels and selling rubber ducks. All of which is then decided on the spot.

The look of surprise on the faces of the cast at certain suggestions added to the humorous sections. They work together as an improvisation cast brilliantly. There was not a single pause in their performances and the music flowed. The producer spends a vast amount of time in the darkness watching the cast progress. However, he stops them at times to direct them or to throw in suggestions, for example, one of the male cast had to pretend to be the character Yoda’s stuffed talking head in the Yoda voice and only activates when another cast member tapped him on the head. The audience responded by erupting into laughter.

The two musicians in tonights show kept in time with the cast effortlessly. Although watching them on occasions they did look a bit surprised and had to contain their own laughter.

It is an extremely entertaining and funny show. Combined with some excellent singing and dancing. A finely tuned rehearsed cast for one very unrehearsed musical. If you have seen them before, then see them again as no two shows will be the same. If you haven’t seen them I would highly recommend you do.

Check out their website for future performances.

Four-star show.

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The Point Eastleigh,

Leigh Road,


SO50 9DE.

Tel: 023 8065 2333

Twitter @PointEastleigh


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