The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen

An improvised story-telling extravaganza based on an original idea by James Wallis.

Cast list;

Mat Wils.

Nigel Lovell.

William Seaward.

Alice Jennifer Moore.

The Vault, Leake Street, SE1 7NN.

Feb 9-10, 16-17. (16.30 Sat, 15.00 Sun) as part of the Vault Festival.

“I would defy you not to enjoy this show”

Lord Lovell, Pirate Technics and Professor Lord Seaward embarked on four mystical adventures. From the golden city of Eldorado to finding the Man who had been dead for fifty years. Each one taking on a unique journey with a different talented storyteller every time.

These three actors are incredibly funny and understand the concept of what they are doing. Delivering improvised comedy is a skill and due to dealing with an unknown audience each time things could easily descend into chaos and the whole thing could collapse.

Throughout the whole show, they engage with the entire audience and many of us were used as living props on stage. From sheep, a duel between the Baron and Norab, three Mayors and a bicycle. Which added another edge to the comedy.

The toughest two critics who accompany me on some jobs laughed all the way through this show. Anyone with teenagers will feel my pain in taking them to performances.

Its the perfect show for anyone new to this style of comedy. If you already like improvisation comedy I would defy you not to enjoy this show.

Four stars for this extremely entertaining show.

The photo was taken of the cast by Elaine Chapman.






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